Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Monday Again

I don't have any new photos. I must be too preoccupied with our upcoming trip, failing to take the camera to several recent events. We just got back from our Monday evening shopping trip to the local grocery store where we are happy to get our Senior Discount each week. We are apparently leaving soon because we didn't want to stock up on anything and couldn't think of much we needed.

Saturday we went to the grand opening of the Alaska Ship Supply store right across the street from the hotel. It used to be the A.C. store which closed down last year. We bought a few items and greedily reached for our share of give-aways--a reusable shopping bag, pens, Alaska Ship Supply Tshirts and caps. Well, I did. Rich probably would have been fine with just one, but I was kinda pushy, saying "two," when asked how many we wanted. There were two of us, right? I figure we were both entitled. And someone in Texas might want an Alaska Ship Supply shirt or cap for Thanksgiving or Christmas. See, I am thinking ahead. We didn't win any door prizes, including the grand prize of a huge flat screen TV. Probably just as well since we don't have room for one anyway.

We met some friends at the Museum of the Aleutians auction fundraiser Saturday night. As always, auction items included beautiful art work, gorgeous quilts made by our friend Judi, jewelry, Alaska Native art and craftwork, gift certificates for all kinds of stuff, you name it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Rich and I like to save our extra money for traveling and visiting family and friends so the bidding quickly gets out of our range and we have our fun watching everyone else. We do renew our membership and purchase door prize tickets, so you shouldn't think we are total deadbeats. We just don't want to spend thousands of dollars or even hundreds, even if it's for a good cause, sorry. I was quite pleased that we won a door prize--a box of our friend Sharon's lovely homemade chocolates--one of the items I covet most, so I was quite pleased with that. And yes, we already finished them off tonight. :) We were happy for the Museum, which had a great event and raised a good bit of money.

I was watching Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS yesterday and he showed part of a new film called "The Good Soldier," a documentary about men who fought in WWII, Vietnam, the first Gulf War and Iraq. It will be released next week around Veterans Day. I don't think the rest of us can understand the experiences that they went through (and I am thankful that I do not know war firsthand). Their stories were simply heartbreaking--I really don't know another word to use. I am hoping to see the entire film when we are down south. Go to if you want more info. No matter your stance on the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think it's worthwhile to listen to these individuals and to learn from their personal experiences.

A lone sea otter has been swimming in front of our house for the past few days, along with lots of ducks and a couple of seals who occasionally join them before heading further out into the bay. The cats are in and out, in and out, but seem to be resigned to the presence of the window screen. As for the humans, we are watching the mountains turn brown and white while we tie up our tasks at work and finalize our vacation plans. Eleven days to go!


Suzassippi said...

You know, sometimes words are worth a thousand pictures in my mind. When one describes something, you get to picture it in your head. Glad you are looking forward to the trip and hope all is well.

Bubbe said...

So much to do! And it all sounds exciting. Here I am in this big 'ole city and I'm such a bum. :) Hoping to see you next month!