Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays, 2014

 I usually try to send out a photo card for Christmas but did not have time to do that this year.  Our son in law David is a great photographer and took these beautiful pictures of the grandkids when they were all together on Thanksgiving, so I am stealing!  :)    Above, Susan and Corey's Aidan, age 11 and Ally, age 7.
 Sarah and Miles' three:  Elle, age 6, Beck, age 4, and baby Jack, about 2 months in this photo.
Bonnie and David's three: Emery, age 5, Luke, age 2 and baby Ada, age 3 months
Sweet kids! We love them so!  
We've been home since early December, back at work and getting into the routine of winter in Unalaska: dark mornings, ice on the outside steps, beautiful sunrises, snow on the mountains, wind, rain, sunshine, letting the cats in and out of the house constantly, community activities, seeing friends, doing chores, online Christmas shopping, my annual holiday radio shows with my friend Melanie, potlucks and Scrabble games, enjoying cards and letters from friends and family from afar.  Rich is very busy this time of year with Christmas parties and banquets galore.  He will work Christmas Day and I will be here hanging out till later in the evening when we will enjoy our traditional dinner with the hotel staff.  Happy holidays, everyone, whatever traditions you celebrate!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, November 26 to December 3

We drove back to Dallas and returned our rental car, spent one more day and night with Sarah and Miles and then caught a plane to Puerto Vallarta for the last leg of our vacation.  We rented a very cool little condo in town, up a VERY steep street and then up 6 more flights of stairs to our apartment. SO we got lots of walking and climbing in. :)

 The view from our condo
Two walls were open (with glass doors we could close if we wanted...but we didn't!)
 The beach
Walking along
 Fresh fruit

 Colorful streets

Waiting for the water taxi to take us to Yelapa for the day
 Hiking in of the waterfalls
 In a bakery in Puerto Vallarta
 Great lunch at a little cafe on the street

Relaxing at home
Rich made fajitas for our Thanksgiving feast.  :)

 Pigeons visiting our rooftop pool
Phones on the street
Workers taking a lunch break
Rich enjoying his street tacos

 It's a little bit hot but I am NOT complaining!
The trek up our street

New Orleans Vacation November 19-23

We finished our road trip with a few days in New Orleans.  We had once reserved a big house for the Christmas holidays and all of the kids were going to meet us there.  I think at that time, Aidan was our only grandchild. We had paid the deposit and made all the arrangements and then Hurricane Katrina hit; with the devastation that unfolded, of course we had to change our plans.  (First world problem, I know. I am not trying to minimize the very real tragedy of the hurricane and its aftermath by complaining about my Christmas vacation!)

We have a ton of photos from New Orleans but I will just post a representative sample so as not to wear you out.  It was a wonderful time--we walked and walked and walked, saw plenty of sights, ate great food, heard lots of music and completely enjoyed ourselves.