Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Orleans Vacation November 19-23

We finished our road trip with a few days in New Orleans.  We had once reserved a big house for the Christmas holidays and all of the kids were going to meet us there.  I think at that time, Aidan was our only grandchild. We had paid the deposit and made all the arrangements and then Hurricane Katrina hit; with the devastation that unfolded, of course we had to change our plans.  (First world problem, I know. I am not trying to minimize the very real tragedy of the hurricane and its aftermath by complaining about my Christmas vacation!)

We have a ton of photos from New Orleans but I will just post a representative sample so as not to wear you out.  It was a wonderful time--we walked and walked and walked, saw plenty of sights, ate great food, heard lots of music and completely enjoyed ourselves.

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