Monday, February 21, 2011

Books and Birds

Last night I hosted our monthly book club. I've been traveling or have had conflicting obligations every month so it's the first meeting I've attended since the book club year started in September. Good thing I was available for the one I was hosting, huh? We always read a short, funny, fluff kind of book in February and this one was Happy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi, an amusing look at life and family by a Korean-American young woman. I enjoyed having people over and Rich, as always, came through with a fabulous dessert. From the bottom of the glass: butterscotch schnapps caramel, vanilla bean panna cotta, a thin line of melted red hots, fresh orange gelee, fresh whipped cream with a raspberry mousse rosette and a chocolate straw. Yum, yum. We also had a fruit, cheese and nut platter but it was a bit overshadowed. :)

Today was a rare occurrence--we were both off work on a weekday for President's Day. We slept in a little bit, did a few things around the house and then took a drive out to Summer Bay.

Emperor geese
Lots of seagulls
We also saw 11 seals and 3 sea otters but it's hard to get a good photo when they are pretty far out in the water. They sure were cute, though! I wish I could go swimming with them. :)


Anonymous said...

I kinda think it's unfair you have a resident chef to prepare your desserts for functions! How lucky you are girl. It always looks delish! Mona

Gigi said...

Yes, I am spoiled rotten. :)