Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The view from our window

We've been enjoying these cute grey-crowned rosy finches as they winter in our yard. They are really fat! The cats have been watching and chattering away--they would love a bite.

Photos by Rich


Susan Stevenson said...

Those are beautiful birds! I would love to see them from my window. I'm always thrilled when grosbeak come for a visit. Mostly I get the typical chickadees, nuthatches and redpolls.

Gigi said...

We've had a bunch of them hanging out in our yard! They are chubby and cute. :) My husband and I looked at your site--you take gorgeous photos! I especially liked all of the flowers. We also have many beautiful and unusual flowers out here in the Aleutians in the summer time.

Susan Stevenson said...

Thank you! Someday we'd like to get out to the Aleutians! We try to visit a new place every year. Last year, we stayed in a remote location in Wrangell for a week. The year before, we got to visit Cordova. This year, we hope to visit Kodiak. We'll get out there some day, I hope. I'd love to see your wildflowers!

Stay warm.

Gigi said...

You should definitely come out! We'd love to show you around and you'd have lots of great photo opportunities. If you decide to visit in the future, be sure to let us know! What a good idea to visit a new place every year--there's still a lot of AK we haven't seen and hope to visit eventually.