Monday, February 11, 2013

Family, Friends, Community

Well, I have a lot of catching up to do!  First, a happy, happy birthday to our granddaughter Elle, who is turning 5!  I cannot believe five years have gone by since I was crying at the Pen Air counter begging for a standby seat because Sarah was in labor earlier than we expected!  Elle was born while I was on a plane on my way to Dallas but I got to spend several weeks with her as a newborn and we have had lots of fun with every visit since.  This photo was taken last summer so she has grown and changed since then and I am anxious to see her and all the rest of the kids and grandkids when I go to Texas in a couple of weeks.  She's a sweet, smart, funny girl with a tender heart and a twinkle in her eye.  She's also a great phone talker and will chat with me for 20 minutes about everything under the sun.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  See you soon!

I have the best friends in the world, hands down.  I am not sure what I would have done without them in various phases of my  life and I am very grateful for all of them, near and far, "old" and new.   Right now my friend Susan wins the most ridiculously thoughtful award for being willing to spend $50+ on shipping to send me a case of Texas peach tea...just because she knows I love it and crave it and can't get it here.  Rich called to say I had a big, heavy box at the hotel a couple of weeks ago.  I am always shopping online and ordering various items that I think I need, but I had no idea what he was talking about.  I told him to go ahead and open it and he reported that I appeared to have a case of tea with no note and no return address other than the company's.  My first thought was it had to be from Susan!  Come to find out she'd had some back and forth conversation with someone at the company who worked out the shipping, let her send a check after the fact, and even included a Texas Tea t-shirt (say that three times real fast!) for me.  Very cool! Thanks, Suz!

The Museum of the Aleutians hosts a  Chocolate Extravaganza each year and Rich is asked to make something for the event; he made chocolate macarons last year and was requested to bring those again.  Saturday is his one day off but he'd rather use the hotel kitchen than ours at home,  so I thought I'd go in to help and/or keep him company.  I ended up making a dessert of my own to contribute and we had a fun afternoon working together.

Lots of chocolate goodness....or should I say chocolate overload?

Rich and our friend Sharon discussing the ins and outs of macaron making.

Sharon is our premiere local chocolatier and her truffles are sooo decadent.  They're usually the first to go and you really cannot eat just one, or two, or three...yes, we had to buy a box (benefiting the Museum) to bring home, too.   And, on another note, Sharon has started blogging again and you will want to read her thoughts about Unangan culture, tradition and values, and every day life on our little island.  Her blog is listed on the side bar but here's a link.
 My chocolate duo (dark choc/white choc) pannacotta with our salmonberry ginger jam and whipped cream. 

We had a fun evening out!

It's been super busy around here.  At work, we are gearing up for our annual auction fundraiser on the 14th and 15th and I just started my next session of ESL/GED classes.  Rich has had some VIPs in, which necessitated extra hours and special preparations.  But life is good and we are rocking right along!


Betty said...

It's a good thing I'm not there. I would be big,fat with lots of pimples for eating all that decadent chocolate!

Kathi said...

Chocolate is the ONE thing I can't seem to give up, and I figure, "Why should I?" It's too delicious.