Friday, May 31, 2013

Visiting California Family

After the Terre Haute fiasco, we drove back to Chicago where we had pricelined a room near O'Hare since we had an early flight to San Francisco the next morning.  We had dinner and made a very quick stop at a nearby casino before returning our rental car. We each put a $20 bill into side-by-side video poker games and before I knew it, Rich was nudging me and pointing to his game where the money amount was rolling higher and higher.  Yes, within about three minutes of beginning the game, he won $400!  I figure it was good karma for driving me all the way to Terre Haute for nothing. Woohoo!  He had $411 so played out the last $11 and cashed in.  I lost my $20, oh well.  We were stoked, especially since we'd played the $600 million Powerball while we were in Chicago and didn't win.  Darn it!  That would have been a nice little retirement, wouldn't it?

Up early and off to the airport.  We had already gone through the boarding line and were standing on the jet bridge waiting to get on the plane when I realized I didn't have the laptop.  I looked at Rich, expecting to see him carrying it if I didn't have it, and he wasn't holding it either.   He quickly walked back up the jet bridge, expecting to be told he couldn't exit once he'd entered, but they let him go through and the computer was still on the floor by the seat where I'd left it.  A woman sitting there told him she was hoping someone would come back for it. Whew.  (Especially since it's my work computer!)

We had an uneventful flight to San Francisco and immediately picked up our rental car and headed to Rich's sister Vesta's in Kingsburg, near Fresno.  The rental agency gave us a Prius, which we'd never driven before.  It was a little confusing at first--push a button to turn it on, push a button for "park," but we ended up really liking it.  Very quiet and great gas mileage!

It's always fun at Vesta's and we had a good time just hanging out, chatting about everything under the sun, arguing about politics a little bit, watching movies, shopping in Fresno, eating (of course) and reminiscing about childhood days.  She was very sweet to give me a gift certificate for a massage and a pedicure for my upcoming birthday so I had two days of pampering which were fabulous!

Making Swedish pancakes together
Brother and sister

Next we went to see Rich's ex wife, kids and grandkids and his ex's mom in Mariposa.  Yes, we have our own version of "Modern Family."  Although Rich has no biological kids of his own, he has stayed involved with his step-kids and grandkids so we always like to try to see them when we can.  The first day we took 17 year old Hannah for the day, did some shopping and went out to dinner.  The second day we went back to the house for a visit and cookout.  And, of course, we had to take the grandkids into town for ice cream!  Our stops are always too short but we are happy to see everyone!

Twins Emily and Cody

 Out for ice cream

 Goofing around in the car
Sara (the kids' mom) and her husband Ryan
 Hannah and Sara with Rich
The kids are cute, sweet, and lots of fun!

We spent one last night at Vesta's and then headed to the Bay Area.  My niece Ellie goes to college and plays soccer at Santa Clara so we stopped in to take her to dinner on our way to San Francisco.  She brought along her roommate Nikki and we had a great time catching up with them. So sweet of these busy college girls to take time out for us even though they had lots of studying to do and a project to complete.

 Ellie and me
 Nikki and Ellie
Do I look short??!!

We spent the night in Santa Clara and made our way to San Francisco the next day.  Stay tuned!

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Suzassippi said...

"Do these tall girls make me look short?" No, Jane, you make them look tall. LOL Fun catching up on the fam stuff, though--everyone always looks so different.