Saturday, November 2, 2013

24 hours in New York City

When we were planning our trip back East, Rich noticed that the New York City Wine and Food Festival was scheduled for one of the weekends we'd be in the vicinity.  We purchased tickets for ourselves and Mom to go for one day, and then planned a little road trip into the Hudson Valley afterwards.

The fest started at noon so we decided to drive almost all the way to the City the night before to save an early morning wake up and a rushed drive in on the day of the event.  We found a reasonable hotel in the town of Avenel, NJ, for the night. We'd never been to Avenel before and found its crazy one way streets to be quite a nuisance.  The hotel was on the opposite side of the highway from where we were driving and it took us forever to find a cross street to backtrack to our place.  Any time we saw a road, "no left turn" was allowed.  Later we went out for dinner and had the same issue going both ways. Whew! I guess everyone who lives there knows all the shortcuts and side roads but we sure did not!

We got up and drove into NYC the next morning.  Rich did a great job, we found our way with no problem and the traffic was not too terrible.

Claustrophobia driving through the Lincoln Tunnel

It was too early to check into our hotel so we stored our bags, handed the car over to the valet, and took a cab to the food and wine show.  We had to stand in line for about 40 minutes before it opened for the day, but luckily the sun was shining!  Finally we were let into the huge building which was crammed full of booths with samples of various food and drink from every vendor imaginable.  Where to begin? What to try?

 We spent several hours sampling all kinds of deliciousness
 Mom and Rich discussing something important, I am sure!
Taking a little break

We wanted to watch some of the demonstrations by famous chefs but the seating area stayed full and there was no chance of getting a chair.  After wandering around a little more, we called it a day and headed back to the hotel to chill out for awhile.

 The view from our room on the 33rd floor
Nobody was too hungry for dinner but Rich and I took a walk later that night and stopped in at Charlie Palmer's  restaurant Aureole for some fancy desserts while Mom rested in the room.

 Chocolate Cremeux, sablee, thyme ice cream
 Lamington, blood orange, pistachio

 Out on the street
The rush of Times Square

After our quick visit, we were up and on our way to the Hudson Valley the next morning.   I heart NYC and can't wait to go back again!

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