Saturday, January 25, 2014

October in New Jersey--yes, I am way behind!

It's not a trip to Jersey without a jaunt down the shore, no matter what time of year.  Rich and I took a quick trip one day just for fun.  I believe we may have lost a little bit of money in one of the casinos after wandering the boardwalk and having a cheese steak.
 It's a little deserted in October!

 And a little chilly!
 We had lunch at my cousin Ruth Ann's one day.  Here's Rick and daughter Katie
 Mom and Ruth Ann
 "Enough with the photos!"
 Ruth Ann and Rick's oldest son Richard with his daughter Natalieanne.
Drove past my Grandmom and Grandpop's house, which always makes me sad.  Every time I see it, it is in worse and worse shape.  They were always so proud of it and kept it pretty with flower boxes and hanging flowers on the porch, along with a couple of green rocking chairs that we loved.  The yard was always fixed up and the house clean and painted.  We have a lot of history in that house.  Now the people who live there don't even know who my grandparents were.  Time marches on, I suppose.
 Mom's cute house decked out for fall.  Love the colors!
 On our last day we walked down to the deli in town and had some lunch with Patty and the kids before heading to the airport in Philly.
Becca and Billy

Billy's getting a little cold and hanging out in Alex's sweatshirt.  :)

Another nice visit comes to a close.  I always love going back to my Jersey roots.  :)

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