Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice and Rich's Birthday

The 21st was Rich's 60th birthday, the Summer Solstice, AND his day off for the week.  It was also the most gorgeous, sunny, warm day we've had all year so we decided to get out and enjoy it!  We drove part way around the pass, wandered around, soaked up the sun, and took a bunch of photos.  Above, a cute little weasel snout pokes up between the rocks.

May flowers are also in bloom.

We get lots of fog in the summer time.  I love the way it looks hovering over the hills and the water.


 There's so much tiny plant life that's easy to miss if you don't get right down on the tundra and look.

Rich capturing some great shots, I'm sure!

Usually it's a bit chilly up here even if the sun is out but we had absolutely no wind that day and it was nice and warm.

The birthday boy!  I am still finding it hard to believe that we are both now 60!  Rich is not big on making a fuss for his birthday but I think he enjoyed our outing, then out to dinner, and a relaxing night at home.  He had lots of birthday greetings on Facebook and a phone call from his sister.  We've decided 60 is not so bad and I'm happy we're traveling this path together.  Hopefully we will stay young at heart and continue to have many adventures!

 More interesting, tiny plants

Ahhh, what a day!

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