Monday, June 15, 2015

Finishing up our cruise

After 13 days of on-board fun, we were winding down and getting ready to disembark in Civitevecchia, Italy.  But first, a few more cruise memories!

Rich went to a martini tasting one night while the rest of us were at a show. He said this guy was pretty amazing, pouring several glasses all at once!

Yummy pastries
Looking down at several levels
This reminded us of the Chihuly glass exhibit we saw in Dallas a few years ago, but not sure if it was the same artist or not.
One of the many seating areas around the ship where we could sit and read, chat, relax, and/or have something to drink.  Also notice the art work in the background. I guess art auctions are a thing on ships but we don't quite get the appeal.  :)
Crew member cleaning the deck on a rainy day
We had to find and photograph this sculpture for extra points in trivia.  :)
Our lovely and hard working room attendants, Jenefer from Trinidad/Tobago and Devin from Jamaica.  They were super!
Barb and Mom enjoying the deck

 More yummy food
 Dennis and Judy
 Mom and me
 Our dinner group
We both coincidentally wore black and red  :)

This cruise was really lots of fun.  The officers, crew and staff were all super friendly and the ship motto was "happy crew, happy passengers."  I've never been around so many pleasant, outgoing, willing to help with anything people.  Kudos to Celebrity for excellent training (this will come up later when we compare our Costa cruise!)  The food ranged from good to excellent every day, with lots of choices and different items to choose.  We didn't do too well in team trivia, but had a good time playing.  :)  I came within one number of winning a bunch of money at bingo, darn it!  All in all, a great time!  Off to Rome next!

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Suzassippi said...

Where is the queue for the pastries? I am ready to make my selections. It is quite colorful I will give it that! Lovely, and look at ya'll all dressed up for dinner. :)