Friday, August 14, 2009

Tundra Golf, Blooming Flowers, and Visitors Arrive

Last weekend, I worked at the annual Tundra Golf Classic, which is an Unalaska tradition and always a lot of fun.  We had some fog and some cool temps but the sun came out on Saturday afternoon and at least we did not have rain and high winds!    I have a ton of photos from the two days but will be posting most of them on the KUCB blog so check that one in the next few days.

Melanie, Sonia, Erin and Alena, aka "The Screaming Banshees" get ready to rumble.

Rich was working all weekend but showed up with a sandwich and iced tea for me.  What a nice husband.

Even the Burger King came out to play golf.

Anne with her team, "Attack of the Sea Kittens." 

Aleutian style golfing....
Our Wyoming wild flowers are finally blooming in their pots.   I didn't think anything was going to happen but they are suddenly all shooting up and going crazy!

That's my sister, niece and nephew's plane coming in for a landing on Wednesday night.   They left Austin on Tuesday, spent the night in Seattle, got to Anchorage on Wednesday and were only delayed a little bit getting to Unalaska.   We'd had no planes for a couple of days due to weather so were really excited that they had no issues.  They even got to have the little adventure of stopping in King Salmon for fuel.  

Welcome, Eli, Kathi and Alana!  They didn't arrive till after 9 PM so we checked them into the hotel, Rich made them all some fabulous veggie sandwiches (they are all vegetarians) and then we took a little drive around the island before it got too late.  It was the warmest, sunniest and prettiest day I've seen all summer. Kathi claims that they sent the sun ahead of them from San Antonio.  We are grateful!

Yesterday we met for breakfast, ran a few errands and then took them out to hike Ugadaga since it was another gorgeous day.  Two sunny days in a row?!!   This is our favorite hike so we didn't want to miss a chance to go.

They were all duly impressed with the scenery and we even took off our hoodies, we got so warm!

Rich and Kathi along the trail.

Enjoying the sunshine and the view.

Hiking back from the Pacific Ocean.

After a quick rest, we went out for Mexican food and then took a drive to Summer Bay, Humpy Cove and Morris Cove.  Really hoped to see the wild horses but they were not in the vicinity.  We saw some salmon and a few eagles.  On the way back, we spotted a seal and two sea otters in the water.  

We are having a more lazy day today,  stopped by my office and went out to Alaska Ship Supply to do a little shopping, drove along the spit and came back to the hotel where our visitors are currently napping.  I think jet lag and yesterday's hiking wore them out!   Rich is working so he is not having a lazy day!  It's Friday night deck bbq at the hotel tonight so we will be enjoying some more good food and visiting with friends later.


Kris said...

WOW! SO cool!!! Wish we could be there too. Alaska is breathtaking. And I can't get over how Eli now TOWERS over everyone. Jeepers! And he probably still has some growing to do! Please give my fam kisses from me! Miss you Mom, Alana and Eli! xoxo, k

Kris said...

Oh and tell Mom to give you and Rich kisses from us! teehee!

Kris said...

Or better yet, tell Eli to! lol!

Gigi said...

Wish you could be here, too! I, too, was shocked at how tall Eli is! We are having lots of fun and the weather is really cooperating so far. :) Hugs and kisses back to y'all.

bonnie said...

Looks as beautiful as I remember. Glad they got to do that hike - it was our favorite as well. I hope the weather stays nice for y'all!

Alaska Steve said...

Having company to the island is the BEST - you get to see the island fresh all over again! All the best - steve

cookie dough said...

I did that same hike on FRI night..but it was not nearly as lovely outside...have a GREAT visit!

Betty said...

If I ever get there again, I will have to meet Cookie Dough and Alaska Steve! Haha! Glad everyone is having fun. I checked the pictures for the Tundra Golf and will send the website off to Uncle Bill as he loves to golf.