Friday, September 4, 2009

Last Deck BBQ of the Season & Goodbye, Monica and Logan

It's been a race against time for our flowers to bloom before it gets too cold. Just when we thought they were about to die off without ever reaching their full glory, a bunch of vibrantly hued blossoms are bursting through. I am not the best flower photographer and the pots are a tangled mess but we're getting the prettiest little blooms to finish off the summer.

Monica has been our intern at work this summer--she's fabulous and we hate to lose her back to college, but finish that degree she must. She and Logan have been a lot of fun and we will miss them. Good luck and save travels, you two! We expect great things from both of you!

We all met at the last deck bbq of the season tonight. You know summer's over when the college kids leave and the Friday night bbq is finished for another year.

Kathy joined us. Her husband Larry must have gone to get some more food.

Anne, Char and Monica
Delicious dessert--fresh peaches with ginger shortcake, homemade whipped cream and caramel sauce

Lauren, Jeff and Ron, our visiting engineer who's in town to help with our new transmitter building and accompanying tasks. We've been off the air while the new building gets set up. We're also rearranging offices at work and I will have a spot of my own next week. Nice!

Rich, me, Anne, Pam and Pipa

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone and be careful if you are traveling! Rich has more banquets tomorrow so no day off for him. I am going to try to catch up on many little things that have not been getting done, plus we have our annual book-choosing meeting for Book Club on Sunday.


Suzassippi said...

Looks like a lovely evening!

Bubbe said...

Fun! and beautiful flowers!

cookie dough said...

Gigi the flower are so cute! The BBQ looked fun....I was at volleyball/fund raising that night I think??