Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Beginnings (or is that redundant?)

Hard to believe this little cutie pie is now a Kindergarten graduate and will be a big first-grader next year. I think Aidan is less than two years old here and we were visiting Aunt Bonnie's classroom in Amarillo. I don't have his Kindergarten graduation photo yet but I am sure he looks like a big boy. I don't know if I am happy about that or not.

Rich and I attended the Unalaska High graduation last week. We had 27 graduates this year---don't you love small town life?! I have known most of these kids since I arrived 6 years ago and have enjoyed watching them grow into fine young people. They are a smart and talented group--you should have seen all of the scholarships that were awarded. Congrats, Class of 2010--go out and change the world!

If you read Sarah's blog, you already know this news but I can't resist repeating it here--we are going to be grandparents again! So excited to welcome Baby Durham #2 in December or maybe late November if he or she behaves like big sister Elle. We're wondering if baby's a boy or a girl and what Sarah and Miles will choose for a name and how Elle will react! Can't wait!

And if you read Bonnie's blog, you already know this, too, but here's Emery back at home in Amarillo, surrounded by the links of love that have been winding through the halls of Amarillo High during her treatment. It still makes me a little teary-eyed when I think about all of the kind-hearted teenagers who care so much about Bonnie, David and Emery. Kids today!! :)

A local icon, the inimitable Ms. Susan Lynch, is leaving town after 20 years to move to, of all places, TEXAS. :) The community threw her a big bash last night, complete with awards, toasts, speeches, poems, and a fabulous video of her tenure (put together by my talented coworkers). Susan is hilarious, outspoken, crazy, and one of the most giving people I've ever met. She and her two youngest sons were some of the first to make me feel welcome and a part of the community that is Unalaska. She will be sorely missed but I am sure she will be shaking Texas up before long.

Best wishes, Susan!

It's finally feeling a little bit like spring. Alaska Ship Supply had a big plant and flower sale yesterday so Rich and I stopped in to make our purchases. It's a community event! I think everyone in town was there, picking through the flats of pansies, petunias, marigolds, strawberries, peppers, chives and more. Now if we could just have a break in activities, we can get these planted!


unalaska said...

Oh boy! Something new to read! Wasn't that a wonderful party last night? Of course, I came away from it with a stuffy nose from all the wonderful feelings everyone expressed. We are certainly going to miss Susan and her family in Unalaska.

Gigi said...

Fabulous party! What a bunch of great memories. I will really miss that family!

I've been a lazy blogger lately. :)