Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thanks, Unalaska! Over $20,000 raised!

Roger and Steve

Some of the shavees "before"

Steve getting shaved

Matt, Mike and Gary
Mike and James

Judi and Anne

"Team Emery"--Rich, me, Elaine, "Goldfish," and Steve

and Judi


Saturday started out with more snowflakes but ended up sunny--a gorgeous day for our St. Baldrick's event. After a long but very emotionally satisfying day, I am reminded again that we live in a wonderful community of very caring people who step up time and again to help others. In the middle of the head shaving, I had to run across the street to the school to take part in an annual youth leadership conference. Coincidentally (or not), one of the quotes I had chosen to share with the students was this one from Henrik Ibsen: "A community is like a ship--everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm." I suppose it is even more appropriate since we are a community on the sea and of the sea. Just as the students knew exactly what that quote meant, the people of Unalaska obviously take it to heart as well.

The Burma Road Chapel was full all day. Firefighters, EMS, police, and "regular" folks added up to 25 bald heads. Several women and a darling five year old girl had their heads shaved. Team Emery did great and I think probably raised the most money (yippee!) but it was really all about the group effort with a little bit of playful competition thrown in. Thanks so much to Steve for coming up with "Team Emery" and cute Emery Tshirts for all of us, not to mention his strong fundraising efforts, even though he does not like fundraising all that much. Thanks to everyone who donated to put us over $20,000! As someone who does fundraising as a part of my job, I know it is not easy in a very small town, especially in a downturned economy. There are lots of nonprofits here and we all have to raise a certain amount of cash to stay in business. It is a testament to the kind hearts in this community that no one says, "oh, no, one more charity asking us for money," but "wow, that sounds really cool--what can I do?"

Thanks to Brian Rankin who spearheaded the event, all of the Public Safety folks who got behind it and made it a reality, our MC extraordinaire, Susan Lynch, Kristine King who kept things organized and swept up more hair than you can imagine, all the other volunteers who made the event come off very smoothly, Channel 8 for televising it LIVE, and of course, all those brave souls who shaved their heads. I have to admit I felt a little bit guilty seeing those other ladies up there. :) Thanks, gals. Thanks to my fabulous husband for helping me take hundreds of photos to document the event. There's no way I could post them all here but I wanted to put up a sampling. If you are on Facebook, check out my page because there are lots more there!

It's not too late to go to the St. Baldrick's website by clicking here to make a donation to the Unalaska event. Thanks to these friends and family who sent a donation in Emery's name: Mom, Kathi, Susan A., Lori, Gina, Susan L., and my sister's friend Denise. You are the best!


Betty said...

That's marvelous! I don't think I would have the nerve to shave my head. It might never grow back!

Suzassippi said...

I have actually become a fan of shaved heads, and some people look better that way (but I will not name any names in your group :) Love the quote by the way. Congratulations on the community effort, and just having a fun day together.

Kathi said...

Super! Congratulations- that's really awesome. I keep thinking that maybe if I shave my head, my hair might grow back thicker, but then I think maybe it won't grow back at all...yikes. :)

Gigi said...

I think many people look great with shaved heads but not sure I would be one of them. And, like Kathi, I would have a little fear that my hair might come back even worse than it is now! :)