Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Abilene

Aidan playing at the mall

My friends Connie and Kelly

Kelly's adorable daughter Audra holding Ally. Audra even loaned us her car so we wouldn't have to rent one....what a sweetie!

Two of my nieces and their families were traveling through town so I was thrilled to get to meet up with them for lunch. Here's Aidan with his second cousin Weston. Aren't they a pair of handsome boys?

Gigi and Ally

My niece Emily holding her niece Claire, while Emily's daughter Madison looks on. Adorable!

Emily's darling daughters Kailey and Madison

Nephews Kevin and Brian with Brian's cute son Rylee

Precious Anna and Rylee with their daddy Brian

My cute girls
My niece Melissa with her sweet daughter Anna

The whole crew
It was fun to have so many together for a little while. It really reminded me of when our six girls were young and now here they are, all grown up with kids of their own.


Suzassippi said...

Glad you had such a good fellowship meeting. I love that country. The kids all look great, and nice to see Jim and Sherri, too. I think Jim has more gray hair than the last time I saw him!

Betty said...

I made my "comment" yesterday but somehow, it didn't take1

Nice to see all of th kiddies. My, how big they're getting! Aidan is cathcing up to you.

I liked your pictures of the seminar. I'm surprised you're doing all those "physical" things. Wonders never cease! LOL

Kathi said...

Love all the pictures!