Sunday, July 4, 2010


It was hard to say goodbye in Abilene! Aidan and Ally were the sweetest and we had such a good time. They loved swimming in the hotel pool most of all, but we also had a great time just being together. Ally is talking a lot and says the cutest things. She also has the sweetest little smile! Aidan is getting so tall and grown up. He enjoyed playing baseball and was going to sign up for football right after I left. I can't believe he's big enough for that! He's also excited about going to first grade. Susan and I had a really good visit and it was good to spend some quality time with her. Tuesday evening I boarded American Eagle and 30 minutes later, I was in Dallas! Sarah and Elle met me in baggage claim and Bonnie and Emery were waiting in the car--they'd flown in earlier the same day. I was so happy to see all of them!

Elle loves being a big cousin to Emery and had to hold her every day. We figure it's good practice for the new baby joining Elle in December (or November...). The day I arrived, Sarah had a sonogram and we are all excited that she and Miles will be having a baby BOY! We don't have much experience with boys....Aidan's been the only one so far. And this one will be the first Durham boy in 31 years!

Emery is doing great! She's sitting up by herself and just learned to get herself from the floor to a sitting position on her own. She just pops right up! She's army crawling and trying to pull up to stand. She is a busy, busy girl and likes to stay active. She's laughing out loud and making lots of sounds. We are all thrilled that she is just as "normal" as can be. She will go back to Houston for scans in a few weeks so we are hoping everything is good. Her last blood counts were fine so we are not anticipating any problems.

Elle playing with Emery. Elle is the funniest girl and has so many facial expressions. She kept us laughing! In the car, she kept us amused by singing along with her favorite songs. She knows all the words when we can hardly figure them out!

Bonnie and Emery

We had some visitors and it was fun to catch up. Two of Bonnie's college roommates/track team mates came over with their babies....this is her friend Tracy's daughter, Avery. So cute!

Bonnie, Emery, Tracy and Avery

Bonnie's other friend Katie and her sweet baby boy, Carter

Sarah's friend Candace and her adorable baby boy, Charlie

Charlie and Carter

Candace's other son, Miles, who is Elle's very best friend. They are so cute together!

Emery playing

And worn out.....sleeping
It's always a whirlwind trying to squeeze everything in! I stayed with Elle one day while Sarah and Bonnie went grocery shopping (Emery was asleep) and we had a blast playing with lots of toys. We made a trip to Target, went out to eat Mexican food, sat outside in the sunshine, took walks in the early morning, talked, hung out with Miles when he got off work, and basically just enjoyed being together.

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