Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sun, Surf, Snoozing and Shopping

We are enjoying a slow pace and a quiet time in Hawai'i. We are still waking up early every day and getting out to walk around in the sunshine.

The Royal Hawaiian through the trees

Duke Kahanamoku, the father of international surfing

View of the beach with Diamond Head in the background. The water and the sky are so blue!

Bee and flower
Strolling around downtown

Old Hawaii

Lots of food to choose from

Vibrant flowers everywhere!
Not really a lot to report. We have walked, walked, and walked some more, soaked up lots of sun, napped, read, eaten some good meals, and shopped. Rich found a Williams and Sonoma today and we've been to the bookstores, of course. Our time here has been very relaxing and we've enjoyed every minute of it. We looked into renting a car today but there was nothing available close by and we didn't want to have to go out to the airport and get one; we reserved a vehicle for the weekend so we can return it to the airport when we leave. Will probably wait to go snorkeling till then. We may take another hike or two....or may not! We have dinner reservations in a bit and then we'll see what we feel like doing afterwards. I love this kind of vacation....not too many obligations and no real schedule.

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Alaska Steve said...

A well deserved rest for the two of you - sounds wonderful! You take the same chilled out attitude towards vacations that Kelly and I do!