Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Again

Flying into Kodiak for a refuel stop--wish we'd been able to get off the plane and explore!

Approaching Unalaska

Home, sweet home! Look how green it is!

At least one little ground squirrel lives in our new yard. The cats are very interested. We are hoping a showdown does not occur. Can't we all just peacefully coexist?!

The moon over Bunker Hill

So we are getting back into our routine, which in the summer time includes the Friday Night Deck BBQ at the hotel. We were graced with a sunny evening last week and joined some friends for great food, warmish weather and good conversation. While we were eating, this floatplane took off right behind us.

Judi and Jeanette in deep thought or actively listening!

Just hanging out watching the silly humans

Rich checks in with Skyler and makes sure everything is going okay.

Anne enjoying the sunshine

Work is good; I've been pretty busy getting ready for the annual Tundra Golf Classic, one of our fundraisers and always a crazy event. Rich has not really had a day off, even though he's tried unsuccessfully to take one. It's been fun to get back into the rhythm of the community and get back out to mingle. We attended a tasty tasting at the sushi bar and a very interesting event at the museum highlighting historical audio and video archives of local elders telling stories, singing and dancing. I would really love to hear and see more! While at the museum, we also browsed the current exhibit of gorgeous photos taken under water in this area. It's a whole other world under the sea and we have some talented local diver/photographers sharing the view with the rest of us.

The house is shaping up--most boxes are unpacked, most items are put away but we still have things to hang on walls and things to be sorted for storage. We love our new place, though! The cats are still acting weird and don't want to go outside very much. I thought they would adjust right away and get back into their familiar habits but they seem to have forgotten that they used to like to spend hours outdoors. In the past, they'd begrudgingly return only when forced, like little kids hearing their mom hollering for them to come in for supper. They've taken up residence in our bedroom and we find them lazing around on the bed or the windowsills as if that's the life they've always wanted.

Speaking of cats, you might remember the stray we called "Chuckie" at our other place. We felt bad leaving him behind, but he seemed healthy and quite the forager so we hoped he'd be okay in the old neighborhood. Late one night, we heard a cat meowing at the bedroom window. I couldn't believe he found us! We didn't move all that far away, but it's not right next door, either. He's stopped by a few times and stayed just long enough to get our cats all riled up. Their memories aren't too swift...along with forgetting their former joy in being outside, they also seem to have forgotten that they used to be buddies with Chuckie. Now they want to hiss and smack at the window and make weird growling noises when he comes around. Hopefully our upstairs neighbors have not been annoyed by the late night commotion.


Suzassippi said...

Beautiful. Makes me wish we could get up there again one of these days. As we are off to Colorado in the morning, at least we will have a bit of cooler weather once we actually reach the mountains.

By the way, if you read the news article on the re-use of the Swiss army bunkers, I foresee a new life for your island bunkers. :)

Betty said...

Maybe, I can refurbish one and have my own hide-a-way. Your pictures are beautiful. Wonder if it's in the cards for me to come back??