Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blueberry Picking

Sunday afternoon we finally climbed the hills behind our house and picked blueberries.  We've been kinda sluggish and unmotivated lately so it felt good to get out in the crisp air, feel those muscles working a bit, and immerse ourselves in nature for awhile.  We didn't stay too long and ended up getting caught in a minor rainfall but still enjoyed the outing and were happy to find quite a few nice berries.  Rich had a little mishap and spilled some of his bounty but we are not going to talk about it.  :)

The fall colors were just beautiful, too.  Up close, it's amazing to see the changing hues and the variety of plants right here in our back yard, so to speak.  Rushing past in the car, it's easy to miss the subtle changes taking place all around us.

Yes, that's snow on the mountains.  There's a chill in the air and we are heading for winter.

You can tell I have adapted.  The first year I was here, I wore a big, heavy jacket for berry picking (and I think I still whined that I was cold).  Now a hoodie and a hat do me just fine.  :)

A little lone blueberry waiting to go home with us.

Just a sample of our haul.  We are hoping to go out at least one more time and add to the stash. I'm looking forward to blueberry jam and other blueberry goodness to get me through the cold months ahead.

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Suzassippi said...

I must have a thousand pictures of you blueberry picking, and this is first one without you being in a "20 below Arctic parka"--you have acclimated! It is indeed amazing that the colors of things change so with the seasons, and how often we ignore them. I only recently discovered that the "goldenrod flowers" that I love in the fall are the "weeds" I try to chop down in the spring.