Monday, October 18, 2010

Bonus Visit!

The very best thing about going to DC was that I got to see my niece Kristinn, her hubby Tim and their adorable kids Gabe and Sofia. There was really only one night we could meet--they'd been out of town and I was pretty tied up with my training--and that was a work/school night. Although they could have easily bowed out and I would have understood, they went out of their way to make a visit possible. It was literally out of Kristinn's way, since she had to ride the Metro in the opposite direction from her usual route home in order to pick me up at my hotel! I was so glad to see her! Back we went onto the Metro, taking a short ride to another stop to hop in the car with Tim and the kids.

We had fun chatting in the car and hearing about everyone's day, their recent vacation, laughing and telling stories. For dinner, they took me to the coolest place called Busboys and Poets not far from their home in Arlington. It's a restaurant, a bookstore and a fair trade store, all in one. Meetings and events are also held there, for example a weekly Peace Cafe with different topics of discussion, poetry readings, music nights, book signings and so on. I loved it! I want to have one!

After a great dinner, we walked over to a yogurt shop for dessert, which is where these photos were taken. Aren't they the cutest family?! We made a quick stop at their house, and then they insisted on driving me all the way back to my hotel even though I could have easily jumped back on the Metro.

It was a short visit but I'm so glad I got to hang out with these little sweeties (and their fabulous parents!) for awhile. Thanks, y'all--it was great fun. xoxoxo

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Suzassippi said...

I cannot believe how Gabe has grown! And has Kristinn turned into her mom or what? LOL She so looks like Kathi now. Glad you had a fun time with them.