Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Amazing how quickly five weeks can fly by!

Bonnie and Emery came in on Friday and stayed with us till Monday. We were sorry we didn't make it to Amarillo this time but never seemed to have a good opportunity to travel that far. Thankfully they were able to come and see all of us. Emery is doing great, walking and full of energy! She says, "Hey!" in the cutest voice when she spots anyone. She loved playing with Elle and walking all over the house, trying to climb steps and playing with toys. She didn't want her Mommy too far out of her sight but warmed up to the rest of us after awhile. She is adorable!

Sarah and Bonnie


Sweet cousins Elle and Emery playing together

Emery watching Beck have a real bath

Our cute little guy is still pretty laid back and non-fussy except for an occasional tummyache. He's very alert and looks around to see what's happening. He's also holding his head up really well already.

One day Grandpa and Gigi kept all three kids for a little while. They did great and it was quite the little adventure. Emery's looking a bit serious here.

Beck slept the whole time

Miss Personality Elle loves to perform and we got a huge kick out of watching her sing and dance. She has a great imagination and loves playing with her dolls Sally and Betsy, pretending they are sick so she has to "doctor" them, pretending she is taking them to the park to play, changing their diapers, feeding them and so on. She also knows lots of books by heart and will quote them with proper enthusiasm and facial expressions. Really reminds me of her Mama.

Emery playing

Lunch time

Yum, yum!

We had a little birthday party for Emery since she turned one year old on Nov. 23rd.

Mommy helps open presents

Uncle Miles takes photos while we have mini cupcakes

Good stuff!

Aunt Bonnie with Beck

Bonnie and Emery

One of Elle's favorite things is looking at photos on our computer with Rich. She's learned all about eagles and seagulls and Aleutian flowers and boats and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and our cats Ajax and Kali.

Emery is growing up on us!

We tried to get a few group shots outside but the sun was in our eyes and it was hard to keep three little ones still and focused at the same time!

Sweet siblings and cousins

Three of my five precious grandkids. Wish the other two had been here as well!

Elle and Gigi

Two of my girls and their kids. Wish Susan had been here!

Sarah and Bonnie

Aunt Sarah and Emery

All too soon we had to take Bonnie and Emery back to the airport to go home to Amarillo. We had a great time! Thanks for coming!

Sweetie pie Emery getting ready to go. We had so much fun with her and can't believe how much she's changed since we last saw her!

Sarah and Beck
We leave tomorrow afternoon and will spend the night in Anchorage before going home on Thursday. It's been wonderful to see everyone and to have special time with the grandkids. All five are just the best kids and lots of fun. I am really proud of my girls and sons in law for raising such sweet children. :) Can't wait to see what Beck will look like and what kind of cute personality he will develop as he gets older.
After five weeks off, it's gonna be a little bit difficult to get back into my routine at home and I am not even thinking about what the weather is gonna be like! We have been so fortunate to have sunny and warm days 98% of the time we've been here. Nice!

It's sad to leave but we are already planning the next gathering at the Jersey shore in July!


Suzassippi said...

Wish I could have seen you all. :( Not only did you have 3 beautiful, talented and sweet daughters, and end up with great sons-in-law, you have 5 beautiful grandchildren. I still remember holding that sweet baby Aidan and it seems like it cannot be so many years ago!

Merry Christmas to all of your family.

Gigi said...

Thanks! Sorry we missed you. I know, it seems impossible that Aidan is now 7 and we've added four more to the clan. They are all precious--not sure how we managed without them. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you as well. xoxoxo