Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The kitchen is open on Christmas Day, just like any other day. Rich went to work early while I puttered around the house and watched the snow fall outside, accompanied by some strong winds. At times, I couldn't see a thing! White-out! We had a good bit of snow overnight so I did get my white Christmas wish. Rich didn't want me to be stuck at the house all alone on Christmas Day so he came to get me in the afternoon and I hung out at the hotel, making two pumpkin pies and a bunch of ginger snap cookies while checking emails and calling my girls and Mom. Rich and the crew were hard at work taking care of the restaurant and getting ready for the traditional Hospitality Division dinner and party held each year after the restaurant closes.

Here we are in front of the huge Christmas tree in the hotel lobby. We had a nice day but were ready to come home and relax after having dinner. I missed having all the kids and grandkids around--Christmas doesn't quite seem like Christmas without them. I hope everyone had a happy day, surrounded by lots of love and laughter. Now I am going to have some of that pumpkin pie. xoxoxo

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Suzassippi said...

Reminds me of a song I recently heard, "Christmas isn't Christmas this year." The snow is falling here again right now!