Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Fun

Silly Ajax out in the snow. He was marking his territory, maybe because we had a fox wandering around the other day.

It's been busy, busy! And I am not sure why I am still awake at almost 1 AM when I have been getting up early every day since Tuesday. You know I am not a morning person!

So I started teaching my ESL/GED class last Tuesday morning and we met again on Thursday. I love my class and have completely enjoyed it so far. I can't believe I am actually getting up without a fuss at 6 AM so I can be there a little before 7. I decided if I signed up to do it, I am going to do it with a pleasant attitude about the hour and not make my poor husband suffer through my grumbling. He admitted he was surprised that I got right up and didn't make him endure several rounds of the snooze button. :)

Most of my students are quite competent in English and many of them are more interested in getting their GED so that will be our primary focus. I am flying by the seat of my pants a little bit but have lots of resources and assistance so I think it will all be good. Since everyone in the class indicated a desire to improve their writing, we started keeping journals and I think that will be both interesting and helpful. And it's so nice to have students who actually want to be there and participate enthusiastically!

I had swimming class again today and that was great! I love that one, too. I was so pumped up after swimming that I came home and practiced piano chords. Wow, I am the picture of motivation and productivity all of a sudden. We will see how long that lasts. :)

Our sweet, funny, lively granddaughter Elle turned 4 today. Time does fly, cliche or not. We talked with Elle this morning and learned that she had cupcakes at her preschool with her best friend Miles, who also has a birthday this week, that she was going to soccer this afternoon, then to Mr. Gatti's tonight for "basketball and pizza," and that she's having a bday party at a gymnastics place tomorrow. When I said, "I wish we could come to your party," she said "You CAN!" as if we just thought we weren't allowed. I reminded her that we live very far away, to which she replied, "It's not that far!" Wish I could wiggle my nose and be there!

Then, extra bonus, I also got to talk with Aidan and Ally today--they are also adorable and sweet and so much fun! Aidan signed up for baseball and I am hoping he might still be playing when we go to Texas in June. Ally is loving dance class, but unfortunately she'll have her recital before we get there. Someday we will be close by so we can pop in for all these major events!


Suzassippi said...

I'm impressed!

Betty said...

I'm impressed too! How many are in your class? I just saw a movie called "Dangerous Minds" (Netflix)and it was about a new teacher with inter-city kids. Very good if you haven't seen it. How did it happen that you were asked to teach? Good luck with the swimming and piano...don't forget your knitting!

Gigi said...

About 10 in my class--I had 12 signed up but not all have made it every time. Most of them work the overnight shift, get off at 6 AM, eat breakfast and come to class. That's pretty motivated! I saw "Dangerous Minds" when it first came out. My kids used to tease me that I thought I was Michelle Pfeifer in that role. :) I still have the song "Gangsta's Paradise" on my ipod. LOL Knitting has been relegated to the back burner right now. Maybe that will be next to make a return appearance.