Monday, February 20, 2012

Priority Mail = 65 Days

Bonnie sent us a Christmas package on Dec. 17. See postmark. :) We had sadly given this present up for lost and figured we'd never see it. Imagine my surprise when Rich called me at work today to tell me it was here. I would love to know where it has been for the last two months--stuck in a corner in a Post Office somewhere, at Pen Air in Anchorage, left in the UniSea van and covered up by other stuff till just now? It's a mystery and I am afraid it will remain so, but I was really happy that their money was not spent in vain and that the wayward box finally found it's way here. And we enjoyed having Christmas in late February! :)

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Suzassippi said...

There seems to be a lot of that out there in the islands. LOL I hope the fresh mushrooms were still good. :)