Friday, June 29, 2012

We finally meet Luke!

What a sweet baby boy!  Luke is adorable and such a good baby.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on him, of course!

Emery has grown a lot since I saw her last fall. She's talking up a storm and such a cutie.  She loved looking at pictures on the computer with Grandpa.  This seems to be a favorite of all the grandkids since Aidan, Ally and Elle also love to look at photos of Alaska and of our previous visits with them.

Nothing better than holding a baby!

Emery and I walked to the park near their house.  She had lots of fun running around and  playing on the playground.

She has a little toy camera and was very intent on taking pictures on our walk home.  I love the way she got way down on the ground to focus in on the flowers!

This picture cracks me up!  How cute is she?  We told David he has a budding photography partner.

I am behind on blogging because my darned laptop has suddenly decided to refuse to find the wireless internet at Bonnie and David's.  We have tried everything to no avail.  Ugh. I get so annoyed with computer problems when traveling!  Anyway, we are having a great time with Bonnie, David and kids and the time is flying by! We've made several runs to the grocery store, Target and Babies r Us, Rich has been cooking and made us some ice cream, David's brother and wife brought us dinner one night and his parents another night so we have been spoiled and eating way too much (as usual on vacation!)  We've been reading books, working puzzles, taking walks, and blowing bubbles with Emery, holding Luke, trying to help Bonnie and David with chores,  and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. More to come when I have a minute!

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