Saturday, October 6, 2012

Buttermilk Falls

Kitties on the patio at breakfast

We were all scheduled for facials in the morning.  We were cracking up that my robe was so huge it was dragging on the floor.  One size fits all, I guess!  The facial was amazingly awesome and relaxing, including a neck and shoulder massage and warm lotion on our hands. I think I fell asleep two or three times.

Later, Kathi and I took a walk further around the grounds and came upon the actual Buttermilk Falls.

Then we went to visit the chickens and looked for the beehives, but, alas, we didn't find them.

This whole little house is part of the henhouse.  If you look closely, you can see a blue and a white peacock in the window!

Flowers around the henhouse

Here's a bee, but where's its hive?

More flowers


Cat looking at the hens and the hens look like they are huddling to discuss what to do about it!

Lots of colorful chickens!

Although it was facing us, we could barely see its eyes and beak for all the wild feathers!  Cute!

We had our leftovers for lunch and then our desserts from the night before.  Laid around and rested.  Then it was time for afternoon tea!  We considered driving into New Paltz to stroll around and look at the shops, but by then it was pouring down rain.  So we had a relaxing night and skipped dinner altogether after filling up at tea.

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