Saturday, October 6, 2012

Road Trip with Mom and Kathi

My sister Kathi arrived on October 1st and she, Mom and I took off on the 3rd for a couple of days at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton, NY.  It was supposed to be less than 3 hours away so we left before lunch, thinking we'd get there by 3 PM check-in.  We pulled up to the NJ Turnpike and were given our ticket, only to be turned away after passing through the gates.  Everything was blocked off, we couldn't turn around and exit, so had to get on the turnpike going the opposite direction. We later found out there was a fatal accident that caused a great deal of damage to one of the overpasses so the road was closed.  We exited as soon as we could and had to work our way around to another highway, ended up in Princeton, where we had to find our way back to the turnpike again.  Needless to say, our less than three hour trip took us over five hours.  "Just another little adventure," right?!

We didn't stop for lunch since we were already running behind, but were happy to find out that the Inn has afternoon tea each day from 3-5 PM.  Before we even went to our room, we sat down and had a drink and a bite to eat.   That's the main inn behind the goose in the photo.

After checking into the Gindelle Suite, we went out for a little walk around the grounds.  The Inn is on 75 acres and includes an organic garden, llamas and goats, a pond with ducks, geese and swans, a big henhouse for egg-laying chickens, and beehives.

Mom and Kathi

Flowers at the veggie garden


An old cemetery on the grounds

One of the walking paths

Checking us out!

The first night, we made a reservation at Henry's at the Farm, the on-site farm to table restaurant.  We weren't super hungry since we'd had tea and snacks late so we decided to share several dishes.  We ordered two salads, Kathi ordered a leek and potato tart, I got some mushroom and squash risotto and Mom had a Shepherd's Pie.  Well, the salads were huge and we would have done fine with only one!  The other dishes were also too much for us, but of course, we still wanted to try dessert.  :)  We took our leftovers and some desserts with us back to the room and saved them till the next day. Everything was delicious except Mom wasn't too crazy about the sweet potato Shepherd's Pie.

We had a nice suite with one bedroom and a little alcove with a fold-out couch bed, living room, and a full kitchen.  Really nice!

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