Friday, December 28, 2012

More On Board Fun and We Arrive in Sydney

Nothing but water and beautiful skies

 Martin and Linda
 Roxanne and Dennis

 Gavin and Robyn
 Linda, Nancy and Bonnie

 Anne, Anne and Val

 Dressed up

 Rich took a kitchen tour

We had dinner with Martin, Linda, Bill and Kathleen

Last night on the ship and goodbyes to our new-found friends

 Sandy and Kandy
 Dennis and Judy
 Linda and Martin
 Kathleen and Bill

 Bonnie and Dan

Here's our route on a map

 Coming into Sydney Harbor

This is the beautiful Sydney Opera House at night.  The Opera House has quite an interesting story, which you can read here (especially for my architecture buff friend, Suzassippi). 

Sydney skyline from the ship

It was kinda sad for the cruise to come to an end but we were also excited about our next adventure, staying in Sydney for a few more days.  I didn't get pictures of all the fun things we did on board but we kept pretty busy every day, attending lectures, working out in the gym, going to yoga classes, wine tasting, lying out in the sun, reading, resting, chatting with people, going to shows, spending a few bucks in the casino and wandering around. I didn't know if I would go stir crazy being on board for 20 days but I really did not mind it. I think I did say to Rich on the last day that it was just about the right length and I probably wouldn't want to go much longer.  My few little complaints were that there was no self-serve laundry and sending clothes out with the staff cost a fortune so we did not do it.  Also, you know my internet addiction and I hated not being able to get online any time I wanted for free or for cheap.  :)

All in all, a great time!


Suzassippi said...

Thanks for the link about the Sydney Opera House!

Kathi said...

Just catching up on blogs! Sounds like a great trip!

Gigi said...

It was great! Still more to post but I am running behind.