Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here's What You're Missing

We took a drive up and over the pass last week. There's still lots more greening and blooming to come, but we have a good start going!
A lone little weasel snout in the rocks
 May flowers

Looking back at Humpy and Morris Coves from Summer Bay
At Summer Bay
 Summer Bay Lake
  A field of lupine
 Priest Rock

 Back in town at Front Beach

Memorial Park
At home, Kali is enjoying the sunshine, too.  Happy Summer!


Suzassippi said...

Always brings back great memories! Funny, but I don't recall all those houses around the Memorial Park. Are they new, or is that just a different view?

bonnie said...

Beautiful pics!

Gigi said...

The houses were there; might just be a different view! :)