Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh, July!

Seems like we spend most of the year in great anticipation of the fleeting Aleutian summer.  Yes, there are plenty of things to keep us busy year-round, but for someone who's not crazy about cold weather, a day in the 60s is pure heaven!  Last night we went to the deck BBQ at the hotel, a Friday night tradition, and we actually got to sit outside on the deck.  :)
We've been out and about a couple of times lately--first a hike up the front side of Bunker Hill, where we searched and searched for the elusive lady slipper, my favorite of the summer flowers, but found none. That's the Aleutian version of a paintbrush above--different from the red-orange "Indian paintbrush" I remember in Texas.

 Heading up the front side facing the road
 Old WWII remnants
 Bog orchid
 I soaked up the sun while Rich walked around taking photos
 That's our house in the corner
Looking down on the small boat harbor and UniSea complex--the red roofed building is the Grand Aleutian Hotel where Rich is the Executive Chef.
 Dock and Captain's Bay

Today we drove out to the pass and wandered around the landscape looking for photo ops.  We were not disappointed.

 Lupine, Aleutian cousin of the Texas bluebonnet

 Aleutian heather
 May flowers
 More lupine and blue sky
 Fleabane and purple irises
 Aleutian Cotton


bonnie said...

Very pretty! I think I'd give anything for it to be jn the 60's here... Well, maybe in the 70's!

Gigi said...

:) I'll trade you for a week or so! Ballyhoo Run was yesterday--thought about y'all running it when you were here.

Betty said...

Always enjoy your pictures & many thanks for naming the flowers too.