Monday, October 7, 2013

20th Anniversary at the Grand Aleutian....and the Blueberry Bash

The Grand Aleutian Hotel, where Rich is Executive Chef, celebrated its 20th year with a big party for the whole community.  Of course, Rich had to work since he and his crew were turning out food for several hours.  My friends and I went for a little while and had a good time eating lots of gourmet hors d' oeuvres and chatting with everyone.

 Tammy and Melanie
 Jane and Sonia
Marisa with some goodies
 Meanwhile, back in the kitchen....

Next up, the Blueberry Bash.  Though it was not the best year for local wild blueberries, the annual event still had a good number of entries and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a judge.  My cohorts Erin and Lauren and I got to taste lots of pies and tarts in one category and candies and confections in another.  Did we draw the long straw or what?!  We were definitely on sugar overload by the time we were finished.

  Just a very small sampling of some of the items we "had" to taste

 Do we have blueberries in our teeth?
Here's the part where the judging is done, the winners are announced, and all the attendees get to eat!

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