Monday, October 7, 2013

Powder Run

There's been lots going on in our little town!

My friends and I participated in the 5K Powder Run for breast cancer awareness.  Well, we are not runners so we walked.  AND we were at the back of the pack, took a pit stop at Sonia's house, and then were so far behind that we turned around before we reached the halfway point.  Yes, I am admitting we did not do the whole 5K, but we COULD have.  :)   If you're not familiar with a powder run or color run, it's basically a big ole mess where people are stationed throughout the course to throw colored powder on you as you go by.  Since we were way at the end, we were spared the worst of it because many stations were about out of powder by the time we got there.

 Checking in and waiting to start
 The walkers pulling up the rear
 A bunch of pink comin' at ya!

However, at the end, we all got one big dose of color to finish off the day!

 Melanie and Sonia
A little messy, but not too bad!

We had a great turnout of women, men, students, kids, babies in backpacks and strollers, and quite a few dogs.  The Powder Run is for a cause close to my heart since I have had several friends who've dealt with breast cancer. My walk was for my friend Karen, who is doing great, and for my friend Rudene, who is no longer with us.  They have both been a big part of my life for many years and I love them dearly.  Of course, we are ever hopeful for better and better early detection and a cure. 

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