Sunday, February 9, 2014

Family and Friends: Nothing Sweeter

 Elle and Emery coloring at the cabin

 Gigi's required matching pajama photos
 It was not easy to get all six together! Luke did not want to sit down and Aidan only agreed to wear the pjs for the photo, reluctantly.  He's getting too old for these shenanigans.

 But they are all pretty darned cute, wouldn't you say?
 The girls liked their fairy wings

 Out to dinner at Perini Ranch with family and some of my best friends in the world
 Karen and Randy
 Diana and Jim
 Susan and Corey
 David, Bonnie and Luke (what did we do before ipads to keep kids occupied at restaurants?)
 Sarah, Miles and Beck
 Elle and Ally
 Susan, Sherri, Rich, me Susan, Corey, Karen, Randy, Diana and Jim
 Oldest and youngest grandkids Aidan and Luke
 The sweet girls Emery, Ally and Elle

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