Sunday, February 9, 2014

Holidays 2013

Yes, way behind, way behind. I know!

Before heading off on vacation, my friend Melanie and I did our traditional Christmas shows on KUCB radio.  We've been doing this for a few years now and always have a blast playing lots of holiday tunes and taking requests.  It's especially fun when some of our family and friends live stream from elsewhere and we can give them a little shout out and send a dedication.  This year we had the additional "fun" of some local pranksters calling us and requesting "Sympathy for the Devil" over and over.  I kept saying "We're playing holiday tunes! It doesn't really fit with our theme!" And various people continued to call with the same request.  Finally after our last show was over, we queued up the darned song for them. Yes, we know who the culprit was (and he was good at getting lots of people to call and go along with it!) but I will not embarrass him by calling him out in public. :)

On Christmas Eve, Rich and I flew from here to Anchorage, over night to Seattle, slept a bit at SEA TAC airport and then flew on to DFW on Christmas Day.  The girls and their families were spending Christmas with their dad so we had a very quiet day at a hotel in Dallas, then rented a car and drove on to Abilene on the 26th.  Because of everyone's schedules, we only managed to have three nights with all the family together but we packed in as much fun as possible!

We rented three little cottages in Buffalo Gap, down the road from Abilene.  It was wonderful to see all the kids and grandkids again!  It was a beautiful day so we walked down to the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, where I attempted to get a photo of all six grandkids together.  :)

Aidan-10, Ally-6, Elle-5, Beck-3, Luke-18 mos. and Emery-4.

 Cousins Elle and Ally always love getting together
 Playing on the old playground equipment
 Dr. Pepper--good for when you are hungry, thirsty OR tired!
Bonnie with Luke, Emery, Elle and Ally. They loved this cat, who wanted nothing to do with them and managed to scratch Luke's cheek.

 Sarah and Beck
 Aidan and Rich checking out some artifacts
 Jumping is such fun!
And so is playing tag with Uncle David!
 David and Miles evaluating the old building
This thing could kill ya--but the kids loved it!
Susan is interested in an old dental office, since she used to work as a dental assistant.

 Back at the cottage
My three beautiful girls--Bonnie, Sarah and Susan

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Michaele Drakes said...

Had a good time in your radio show, then on to Anchorage, rented a car to Abilene, rented cottages in Buffalo gap, and more – That’s one very busy holiday season for all of you. But even if a lot of things happened along the way, what matters is you’re still around with your family. And that’s one moment that you’ll definitely treasure. I hope get to have a lot of vacation destinations this year.

Michaele @