Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pi Day

Yesterday was Pi Day and a special one at that...3/14/15.  I dislike the idea that females are not good at math, even though I sort-of bear out that stereotype. Higher level math was never my strong suit (even though I did make it through research and statistics in grad school!)  I like to think that I could have been better at it if I'd had a teacher who encouraged me more and tried to explain the concepts more clearly.  I remember struggling along and having high school teachers who just didn't give a flip.  :)  I am old enough to say I grew up when it was a widely held belief that girls just weren't that talented at math so there was not a lot of effort put forth if we didn't "get it" right away.  Thankfully, things have changed at least a little bit and I have a daughter who majored in math and taught high school geometry --  I count that as my revenge on all those teachers who wrote me and my sisters off.  :)

So I am not commemorating Pi Day out of any attachment to mathematics...I just think it's fun. 

What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?…Pi in the sky.

I read an article in the New York Times  which attempts to explain the mystery and wonder and significance of Pi.  But what jumped out at me more than anything was this line in the beginning:  "Typical celebrations revolve around eating pies and composing “pi-kus” (haikus with three syllables in the first line, one in the second and four in the third)."   What?? Pi-kus?  Now, that's something I can relate to!

On my Facebook page this morning, I invited my friends to leave me a pi-ku.  Since I was posting instead of snoozing, I left this one as an example:

2 AM

When I got up today, several people had left their pi-kus.  Here's a little sample.

6 AM
Wide awake now
--My mom

8 AM
Cat on my lap!
--My cousin Mary

5 am
Reading good book
--My friend Jeanie

awake? Please.
- nope. -
asleep again.
--My friend Bailey

Still my heart
I love thee so
--My friend Maggie

Pi day now
which should we bake?
--My friend Bonnie

Pi? Yes i
--My sister Kathi's cold
A sneak attack
--My friend Tammy

Why, oh Pi,
Your length not end?
--My friend Steve

If you want to join in, leave your pi-ku in the comments.   Thanks, friends, for making Pi Day more fun than my high school teachers ever did.  :)


Suzassippi said...

Non normal
Mann Whitney U

Gigi said...

:) Nicely done!

bonnie said...

Kids at school
For now at least.

Anonymous said...

:) Hope you enjoyed your peaceful day!