Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finishing up in Rome

We celebrated Barbara's birthday with a gelato cake.  Yum! 
 More shots from our neighborhood wanderings

 "Fashion sucks"

 The Trevi Fountain is being restored so we could only walk past and look at it through a plastic barrier

All too soon, our week in Rome had come to an end.  We needed months and months to be able to see everything there is to see, but we got a great start!  Our driver friend Marco came back to get Mom, Barb, Brenda and Vesta to take them to the airport to begin their journey back to the US.  Soon after, Rich and I hauled our suitcases to the taxi stand and made one last trip to the Termini Station to catch the train.  We'd ride from Rome to Genoa and then switch to a commuter train to Savona, where we'd catch our next cruise.  Arrivederci, Roma! 

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