Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Out on the Street: Roma

Really, our favorite thing is just wandering the streets anywhere we go.  I love the people, the buildings, the look of a city, wondering who lived here once and who lives here now and what they do and what their lives are like. 

Our apartment was on Via Angelo Brunetti, though this is not our building.  :)  And interestingly enough, Angelo Brunetti was  a liberal and a champion of the common people in the 1800s, a member of the city council elected in the first democratic municipal elections in 1849.  He fought to defend the republic against the French army in the same year, but was caught and executed.

Here are some photos from right around our neighborhood.  Most days we got out and walked up and down different streets just to see what we could see.

 I think these guys look like stereotypical Italian men!

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Suzassippi said...

How interesting! I think I would like that part too, just wandering streets. It was always my fave in NYC. It is really interesting all the color!