Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ready or Not, Here We Come! Dallas Bound!

The last month has been a whirlwind. We've both been winding down at work and trying to sort, pack, discard, give away, and clean. In the middle of that, we have lots of people we want to see and many goodbyes to say.

 So proud of my friend and former ESL student, Juanita, who became an American citizen!

Rich's friend and boss Laurie took us out to dinner with her husband Art and some of Rich's lead cooks
Rich, Paul, Willie and Vinnie

 Then Kelly, Elaine and Steve had us over for a delicious dinner and lots of great conversation.
We're sad we never got to hang out with these friends more often!  Hoping they'll come see us in Dallas!
Getting ready for my last radio pledge drive.  Love, love, love working in a largely female organization! Well, we do have some part time guys but these are my gals.  Pipa, Chrissy, me, Greta, and Lauren.
It was a long day and night but made lots of fun by our fabulous members and volunteers like these two, Prestan and Carlos, who stuck it out to the bitter end at midnight with me. I'm gonna miss my job--it's been a lot of fun!
Jack and Tammy came over to help us haul boxes down to the UniSea hangar and get them loaded into totes to go on a boat back "down south." Now, that's some good friends!
If that wasn't enough, they then cooked dinner for us (and Jack beat us all in a tough couple of games of Scrabble, darn him!)  Tammy got me this shirt that says, "Claustrophobia: Alaskans' morbid fear of getting stuck in Texas."  LOL
 Kyle and Ingrid came over to our house and cooked brunch for us on Sunday morning. These two are leaving also, getting married and moving to France.  Can I say we are just a little bit envious?!
We ended up with five large totes full of our belongings, mostly boxes of stuff since we are not hauling any furniture or anything too big.  Amazing how much one accumulates over time, even when you don't have a lot of room or a need for too many things.  Arnold helped us make the most of the space and said he is really good at puzzles. We agree!
Of course, now that the totes are gone, we have found several more things we intended to take so we will have to ship some boxes through the Post Office after all.  We've been selling things, including two vehicles and the few pieces of furniture we actually owned.  Living in company housing has its perks, including the fact that our apartment was furnished other than things we wanted to add to the mix.
 Lunch with Juanita
Two of my favorite servers at the hotel, Marisa and Maribel. They know my order before I say it.  :)  Plus they are super sweet.

 We met Tammy and Jack to watch the Democrats debate (and we are feeling the Bern!)
I did my last "Flash!Unalaska" TV show and announced the winner of an Alaska Airlines plane ticket which was a membership incentive.  It's always fun to do the show and was a little bittersweet.
 Pipa hates to have her picture taken but she consented to stick her head out a little bit for me.
 Behind the scenes at a small town TV station.  Such a blast!
Although I am ready to be closer to family and am looking forward to the next phase of life, there are many people and activities I will miss in Unalaska.  It's been quite the adventure the last 11 years...and we're not quite finished yet!

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Suzassippi said...

Amazing how things end up at times. It was fun to get to see a unique part of the world that we would never have known about, though.