Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Saying goodbye to workmates and community friends

My coworkers threw a little low-key reception on my last day of work.  It was fun to see so many friends who dropped in to say goodbye to Rich and me.
 Rich and Tammy
Chrissy and John
Cute cake and cupcakes made by Helen Hammond
 Erica from the CVB
 Cute baby Asher
Lennyn and Alysha
 Shawna, high school English teacher and singer with "Our Band."  And Carpenters fan, but I forgive her that.

 Suzi, Ingrid and Kyle
 Irena and Juliette
 Erin, Debbie, Billie Jo and Erin
 with my boss Lauren and reporter Greta
 My awesome coworkers, Pipa, Lauren, Greta, Chrissy, John and Billie Jo
CVB Director Cathy and her husband Patrick, Ass't City Manager
Lottie from the Oonalaska Wellness Center--I worked with her at my former job.
I missed getting pix of several more friends.  It was bittersweet to remember many fun times in this little community and to say goodbye to people who have been a part of our lives for so long.  I was happy to have a chance to see them one last time!  Thanks, friends!

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