Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye to my ESL Students

I wasn't able to teach classes for the last several sessions but wanted to see my students one last time before I moved. We were originally going to have a party at our house but it soon became evident that that was not going to work!  Too much of a mess and too much going on.  So we decided to have a pizza party at the Harbor View Bar and Grill and invited as many of the students as we could find.  It was kinda funny because I texted everyone whose numbers I had but one student called me back and said he was in Nebraska!   A few of our other friends also attended and a great time was had by all!
 Lauren and Eliza
 Tammy, Baciliso and Pipa
 No and Snow
 Susi and Magda
 Ahmed and me
 John talking with No and Snow
 Chrissy, Greta, Rich and Baciliso
 Tammy and me
 No, Snow and Mohamed
 No, Snow, Mohamed and me
 with Anita, Juanita, Susana and Magda
 Love these beautiful people so much!
My life was so enriched by knowing each and every one of them, and the others who were not present this night.  When I hear people expressing fear and hatred of immigrants, it makes me think of these lovely individuals, their stories and their struggles, and their successes despite the barriers they've faced.  I wish everyone living in fear would have a chance to meet just one of my friends.

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