Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More Fun with Family and Friends

Susan, Corey and kids came to visit a couple of weekends later.  I'd bought tickets for "us gals" to see a live performance of "The Sound of Music" so we got dressed up and went to the theater!
 Susan and Ally, me,  Sarah and Elle
After the performance.  I had kinda forgotten about some of the story line of the musical but the more serious business about Nazis and WWII largely went over the kids' heads.  They loved the singing and especially all of the children in the show!
The next morning, Mom arrived for a little visit.  It was great that it worked out that Susan and her family were here for part of the same time and got to see her.  Three generations: Mom, me and Susan.
 With Susan, Corey and Aidan
Four generations
Then Beck had his fifth birthday party at an indoor swimming pool.  Jack was sick so I just went to the party for a few minutes while Rich and Mom stayed with Jack, and then I went back to take care of him.  Susan and Corey and kids got to go to the party and then headed home.  We'll see them soon, though!
Then our friends Ingrid and Kyle came through town and spent the night with us.  Ingrid's mom was flying in from France for their wedding, so they came the night before and we went out for a fabulous dinner and fun time visiting with them.  This was the next day, when we took Mom with us and did some running around and stopped for a coffee/tea before they left for the airport.  Now they are married and living in France!  Isn't life grand?!

The two chefs, talking about food, as always. LOL

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