Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Motocross in Graham

We took another road trip to Graham, TX, about 3 hours away, to watch Aidan ride in an indoor motocross event.  He is used to riding outdoors and only rides on an indoor track very rarely. Despite having little experience indoors and riding on an unfamiliar track, he got two 3rd places and two 5th places in his races. Good job, Aidan!
Although I don't know much about motocross and it used to scare me to death, he loves it and seems to know what he's doing!  His dad Corey and Corey's dad Tommy are big supporters and give Aidan lots of tips and advice.  It's cool that they have something that they all like to do together.

 At the starting gate
 The cheering section:Tommy, Corey, Susan and Rich with Aidan
 Gigi and her cute girl, Ally

Rich and I had a late night drive back to Dallas but spent the time talking about all kinds of stuff, including some of our funny and not so funny family memories.  :)  I was on the lookout for deer on the road--always a little scary. We made it just fine and tumbled right into bed.  So glad we are close enough that we can take a little trip like this to support one of the grandkids!

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