Sunday, August 15, 2010

And Another Week Flies By

I can't keep up! Too much going on, as always. Last Tuesday night, I finally made it back to the knitting club. Wow, I think there were 12 people there, including a guy. Andrea and Terri helped me get started on a little hat. Well, I had already started on it but I was doing it wrong. :) That meant tearing out my stitches and beginning again. Luckily, I hadn't done much. Wednesday night, we had a girls' night out at Andrea's. She made baked salmon with homemade pesto on top. It was delicious...I had to come home and tell Rich about it. We started a fire in her firepit outside and made s'mores (even though the graham crackers were old and had a weird taste so we ditched them and just had chocolate and marshmallows).

Thursday night I think Rich and I were both at home with nothing extra going on for a change. All week I'd been working on the final preparations for the annual Tundra Golf Classic, which is one of our fundraisers at my job. It was all coming together very smoothly till Friday when it seemed like there were a dozen little problems. Eventually, everything was resolved and Friday night some of our Board members, volunteers and staff had to set up the big tent, pick up a portapotty and get the course ready. It was cold, windy and raining while we were putting up the tent. I was really worried that the whole weekend would be miserable (and I had to be at the event all day both days).

My coworkers Anne and Alexandra helped out Friday night. Saturday I had to get up early and head out to the course to set up for registration and get everything ready for the day.

Rich and some of his coworkers decided to have a team this year, calling themselves the "Salmon Poachers." At first I was a little shocked and said, "oh, you can't call yourselves that!" Rich laughed and reminded me, "We're COOKS." Here are Lisa, Rich, Kayla and Glenn.

The first day was chilly and windy but the sun kept peeking out and it didn't rain so I was counting my blessings. We had a lot of fun but it was a very long day with 26 teams playing in the tundra of Pyramid Valley. The last team didn't come in till almost 10 PM! Boy, was I happy to get home and get warm.

My friend Judi's sons Jacob and Steve are here visiting and took time out to volunteer.

Alexandra and Paul

We woke up to rain, fog and blowing wind today. It was COLD. I was surprised at how many hard core tundra golfers came out and played anyway,

including the Salmon Poachers with Vinnie subbing in for Lisa, who volunteered to work at the "Closest to the Pin" contest (in the rain....we have some dedicated volunteers!)
It was a great event for our TV and radio station and I always have a lot of fun interacting with all the people who come out. I have about 80 photos that I am going to post on the KUCB blog tomorrow so check that one out!
I got home about 7 tonight, Rich made tacos and I've been editing and resizing photos the rest of the night. Right back to work tomorrow!


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