Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Flowers Make Me Happy

I love the flowers growing in boxes in the front yard. They take awhile to bloom and they don't last long, but they're so pretty while they're here!

My friend Tammy has a greenhouse full of flowers and plants...I want one! We have enough room in our yard. In fact, there used to be a greenhouse on the property when my friend Andrea's family lived here. I understand it's a little spendy to build something like that, what with shipping in lumber, etc. Maybe we can find some scrap around town, you think?

Friday night we went to the deck BBQ with friends and rushed out before 7 to attend a magic show, which ended up being sold out so we couldn't get in! Should have headed over there earlier.

We decided to have a "Lazy Day of Fun" on Saturday. Rich has been working a lot of hours and although he offered to get pictures hung on walls and finish some more of our decorating, I thought he should have a real day off. Well, he did go in to work for a few hours on his Saturday off, which is typical. Once he got home, we went to the store to stock up on snacks and movies.

He did make us some breakfast tacos but that was the end of the cooking for the day. We had sandwiches for lunch, then we were really naughty and munched on candy and popcorn while watching "Crazy Heart" and "A Serious Man." We gave "Crazy Heart" four thumbs up and thought Jeff Bridges did an amazing job. I don't really like country music but I even enjoyed the songs. We like movies with some resolution, redemption or this one qualified. "A Serious Man" was less satisfying...the usual Coen Brothers quirkiness with some really funny and poignant parts but I wanted something a little more definite at the end.

After two movies, we needed a nap. Later, we ordered pizza while watching "The Road." I thought the book was excellent and I'd heard the movie was pretty true to the book. It was a heavy story but I thought the film was well done and ultimately uplifting. So we enjoyed our movie day--can't remember the last time we have watched three in a row (or even one!) and not conked out. Well, we did have that nap!

Sunday Rich worked and I took some clothes and bed linens to the Methodist Church for their Second Blessings sale which will happen next weekend. We were invited to dinner with friends Sunday night and completely enjoyed our visit with them.

I just heard that we had 3 minutes and 45 seconds less sunlight today. I am sad to see the long days slowly disappear. It was cold and rainy today. I am sorta dreading the winter, I have to admit.

But for now we can enjoy the green hills and the blooming flowers. This is our lovely new front yard!


Betty said...

Love your beautiful flower shots! Most of mine are starting to go although I do have some lavender color ones that will bloom in September. It's been hottet than Hades here and the grass is parched.

Tomorrow, Maggie and I are going to the movies and then will get a bite out.

Suzassippi said...

I must admit I am confused about your house location now. It overlooks the bar, yet you can see Bunker Hill from it, and you have this great view of the mountains. I can't make all those work in my mind!

Gigi said...

I wish I could say it was hot as Hades here, Mom. LOL Have fun on your night out with Maggie!

Susan, if you look out our front door, the "mall" is a little to the left and below us. The bar is across the street from the mall. Bunker Hill is directly across from our front yard, on the other side of the bar and across the road. I'll have to take a photo with the mall and the bar in it and it will make more sense. The hills are around us in all directions but the ones in the photo are off to the right. Our old house would be to the left and down the road if you're looking out the front door. You'll just have to come and see for yourself. :)