Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday and I'm glad.

Yesterday I was hanging around the parking lot at the Methodist Church, waiting for my piano lesson to begin, so thought I would take a few photos of the wildflowers in bloom.

We usually go on quite a few hikes and take lots of flower pictures in the summer, but haven't managed to get out much this year. Maybe there's still a little time left. I hear people are already picking blueberries, too, so we'd better get out there and find a good spot!

It's been another busy week, though I can't recount much of importance. Just the usual work and doing things around the house.

School's about to start; our grandson Aidan will be in first grade and is excited about going to a new school. He went to meet his teacher last night. Here's hoping he will have a great school year! He's also playing football...oh, my goodness, it's probably a good thing I am not there or I would be worrying constantly that he was going to get hurt or dehydrated or something!
Happy Anniversary to Susan and Corey...they will be married 6 years tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day! And happy birthday to our son in law Miles yesterday...hope this is the best year yet!
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