Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Papers" and Health Fair

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you might remember that I've mentioned a film called "Papers."  It tells the story of undocumented youth and their struggles to achieve their hopes and dreams despite their difficult legal status.

We've been trying for some time to figure out a good date to hold a screening in Unalaska, which would also be the first screening in the state.  With many starts and stops, mostly due to my schedule and all of the other competing events going on in town, we finally decided to show the movie on Friday night.  

We had a great turnout for our small town and a good discussion about the issues afterwards. If you want to learn more about "Papers," the problems faced by undocumented youth, and the DREAM Act, see the website here.

I couldn't sleep this morning and got up much earlier than usual, thinking I could always take a nap later.  After puttering around the house a little, I headed over to the elementary school for the annual Health Fair.   Here Sonia and Chris are doing eye screenings.  

Cora, who works at the library and is a published author of several books

Kids being creative with cardboard boxes and decorative items

Melanie and fake food showing fat and sugar and salt content

Local medicinal plants at Sharon's table

Sharon holds a wealth of knowledge about the ways our many local plants and berries may be used to benefit our health.  I am hoping she'll teach another class soon so I can sign up!

So I left the Health Fair, stopped at the store and the Post Office, went by the hotel to check mail and came home thinking I still had a lot of the day ahead of me and could get a bunch of things done.  But no, it ended up being a lazy day and I just couldn't get motivated to do much. We sat around reading, Rich made a nice soup and salad for dinner, I did some laundry and we watched "The Lovely Bones" tonight.  I'd read the book when it first came out and liked it, though I found it sad and disturbing.  The movie was not as good as the book.  But then, I almost never think they are.  :)

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What a wonderful day!