Sunday, September 5, 2010

September already

Rich has been having a little staycation for the past week.  He's enjoyed some relaxing time off and I have fortunately reaped some benefits of that time off as well.  First, he made salmonberry-pomegranate jam, which I have been enjoying on toast most mornings,

except for the day he made sweet cheese crepes with blueberry sauce and bananas for breakfast. And there were enough for leftovers for supper one night--decadent?

He's also been hanging pictures on the walls and sorting through boxes of stuff. We're making progress on the house decorating front.

Next...key lime pie!  


Saturday I attended a workshop with Frank Kros of the Upside Down Organization, brought in by the school district to work with students, faculty, staff, parents and community agencies. They work with at-risk kids in group homes and schools in the Baltimore area. It's all very interesting and based on brain research about how people learn. Check out their website at

Saturday night, bunco fun with the gals. Sunday morning, brunch with my friend Donna for her birthday.  Sunday afternoon, book-choosing meeting for the upcoming year of book club.  

Sunday night, Rich and I  watched a movie called "City Island."  I'd never heard of it, but we both liked it and had no idea that there is actually a place called City Island in the Bronx. Maybe we will have to visit next time we are in NYC.  It's a funny slice of life story about relationships and secrets.  

Now it's Monday and we were both off for Labor Day.  Slept in since we were up late watching the aforementioned movie.  Did our "Monday Senior Discount Day" grocery shopping.  Hung some more stuff on walls.  Unpacked the returned iMac and set it back up--it needed a new hard drive and had to make a little trip to Anchorage.  Looks like it's doing fine, other than the fact that we are starting from scratch because we are horrible about backing things up. Hopefully we have learned that little lesson.  Now I am awaiting my homemade tamale dinner. :)  Happy Labor Day, all you hard workers out there!  Rich's vacation is over and we are both back to work tomorrow.

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