Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Stuff

Rich decided to make pickles from the cukes we've accumulated from our organic produce box. Crisp and tasty!

We've had another busy week.  Friday night we attended a concert with jazz pianist Tom Grant and bassist Kevin Deitz who were brought to town by the Hearts and Hands Project.  They were great musicians and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We bought one of each of their CDs and I asked Tom to write on mine: "It's never too late to learn."   He also added: "Keep practicing." Oh, darn, there IS that.

After the concert, we went over to Cape Cheerful at the hotel because they said they would be jamming with other musicians for open mic night.  We had fun chatting with folks and listening to some local musicians but it got too late for us old fogeys and we went home before the visitors played.  

We had a very productive Saturday and got a lot done around the house.  I like it when it feels like we are making progress!   Last night we met up with several friends to celebrate a couple of birthdays with good food and conversation.   Today I made this flourless chocolate cake with Rich's salmonberry/pomegranate jam and whipped cream on top.  Well, Rich helped,  and I will give him credit for the topping.  :)   So I took the cake along to another gathering at a friend's house tonight.  We sure have been socializing lately!   Had a nice time and the cake was pretty darned good, too.

After a long hibernation, we've put the aerogarden back to work.  Hopefully we will have some cherry tomatoes before too very long.

Look at all the salmon in the creek!


Suzassippi said...

Now that is a creekload of fish!

Betty said...

Man, that's incredible - all those fish! I remember seeing the Salmon when I was there. Your dessert looks yummy. While living in Louisiana, we used to make a flourless cake as well. Wonder if I still have my old recipe. Not to forget the cukes, bet they're good.

Kathi said...

I want your flourless cake recipe! I was just catching up with your blog. Loved the piece about Lucius- I remember how much you loved having him visit! Sad that he's gone-he definitely made the world a better place.