Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bonnie and Aidan!

March 30 is Bonnie's 30th birthday--hard to believe I have two daughters in their 30's now! Where have the years gone?? Happy birthday, Bonnie! We love and miss you and hope you had a fabulous day. March 31 is Aidan's 8th birthday. What's even harder to believe than two girls in their 30's is a grandson turning 8! Aidan is my first grandchild and Sarah and Bonnie's first nephew and has broken us all in--he was everyone's boy from day one. Now he's playing baseball (and hit in a run the other day--woohoo!) and riding dirt bikes and playing videogames and keeping busy being a boy. We love and miss you, Aidan and hope your day is lots of fun. Can't wait to see you both in July! xoxoxxo

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